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This site is based on a CMS, WordPress. It is not particularly “state of the art” as such. We can take this in one of these two directions:

1. Make a parallax scrolling view (where a background scrolls at a different rate to the foreground) by changing the CSS to render the pages of this site.

2. Create an SPA that uses the content of the CMS site and maintain the CMS as /cms.

The first is relatively easy. But what does it achieve? Nothing much, apart from how the site appears. There are some people who decry parallax views as pointless. I am not sure that I find it a compelling design choice. It is a bit like fins on a car – looks nice, but aerodynamics may be better served by their absence. Depends on the car, depends on the taste of the driver. So I think I will forget that (the theme does it anyway on the home page).

Creating an SPA using VueJS or or Angular Aurelia requires more parts. It is a challenge. What are these parts?

1. Front end design
2. Front end components
3. wp api calls to populate components
4. keep the CMS working to create content.

So let’s start!


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