Engaging developers

When you wish to engage RemoteDevelopment.co.uk to create software professionally on a limited term contract there are terms and conditions to benefit and protect both the developers and the end client.

These will be updated from time to time for new contracts.

Here are basic terms:

  1. In regular Sprints, Remote Development undertakes to achieve software goals in stages for a client. Each of these sprints are increments of a planned delivery date.
  2. Delivery is by Sprint.  Developers deliver fully operational software, in stages.  Each stage integrates completed features or may be spent improving infrastructure.
  3. On completion of a Sprint, the completed tickets are published on a Remote Development Staging server. The Sprint is invoiced at this stage.
  4. Clients review a Sprint delivery and sign off if they are to be incorporated into the Live release.
  5. All developed software is available to paid up Clients from a Git Software repository.
  6. Live releases are tested by the Developer and the Client.
  7. All deliverables are delivered on SSL pages and under an agreed subdomain. Hosting may be provided by separate contract, or continuation hosting may be provided for additional cost.
  8. Hosting and services are provided by the UK based company www.SoftwareAntelope.com.
  9. A Sprint is a two-week (10 day) development cycle. Sprint planning establishes specific goals which may be incorporated into a release.

  11. A Sprint contains tasks that are detailed on a project management (Trello) board. Each task may be broken down into achievable stages.
  12. At the conclusion of the sprint, the work is published on a Remote Development staging site so that completed tasks can be presented and the work is invoiced.
  13. The Staging site is hosted on a development server.  We also host live sites or provide installable websites suited to a Linux host that meets certain criteria.
  14. Installation on Client nominated servers is charged at an hourly rate separately to the development of your sprint.  Installation on our servers is provided as part of a sprint task.
  15. These terms constitute a set of agreements and expectations. They may be altered to improve service delivery.

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