2020 Planning

Remote Development has been successfully providing one developer with remote work but on contract while making contact with other capable developers. It is however not yet operating, it is in development as an online project. Our other principal remote developer has written a developer onboarding and sprint management system in Laravel.

What is needed now are clients who buy into the idea and a signed remote development contract: but we have to write the contract, advertise and sell.

To take online remote development to the next level requires three steps are completed:

Preparation for Launch

1a. Client onboarding system updated. (DONE)

1b. Client onboarding tests and any necessary refinement for promoted release.

1c. Marketing user needs survey advertised to capture interest

1c. Create an advertising campaign for Linked-in based on research.

1d. Sign up a prospective client with a planned out project we wish to partner in.

2. Prepare agreements for clients and developers.

2a. Connect a payment system linked to the onboarding software and stripe payments.

2b. Investigate using blockchain style accountability audit trail.

3. Write front end component code for the Developer onboarding, and open the developer portal to sign up available skills and advertise for clients.

Funding may be required to onboard the first project for each team, thereafter it must self-fund. It is the team’s responsibility to own their client and project.

Remote Development is an idea, it is not an organisation. It is run as a project of Software Antelope Ltd (a UK registered company) but agreements for lead developers need to reflect their responsibility so they own their project. It may become an organisation with funding during 2020.

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