Eco-Friendly Development

Travel by electric car is great – of course when it is supplied by solar energy and not mineral sources. Remote Development is also incredibly eco-friendly.

The Remote Development initiative is to work on projects alongside companies and agencies remotely – providing talent and skills to a project – sprint by sprint. Remote workers can coordinate more effectively and efficiently, meeting with you remotely, or even visiting your office before a project commences. And then delivering software with precision, test-driven components that form a rich User Interface and provide a pleasing user experience to oil the wheels of e-commerce.

If your company is considering contractors for a project – you may want to consider engaging with remote developers via – it will work out less expensive, costs are predictable and delivery is agile, so you get what you need in the very next sprint.

Free Intro Pack

We are offering a free Intro pack for potential new clients. It provided a basic website and is hosted for free. The free Intro site is a template that allows you to enter your details, select a design, and go with it. It is limited in size and has a bandwidth limit, but we give you a do-it-yourself site. The content and bandwidth is limited.

a) a temporary short domain name (
b) a free intro site that allows you to update a limited set of basic pages (About, Contact and a General information page), make unlimited posts or articles that can include media files
c) simple upgrade to a professional site for application development on your own domain.

Advantages for Clients and Agencies

There is great future for Remote Development. We understand there must be advantages for clients: less cost, more work, more accountability, less investment. More time. Less expense.

Agencies can get in on the ground floor of what is obviously the future. We can defeat the evils of a lack of talented developers in the market and the solve the problem addressed by IR35 (an independent business being treated as an employee).

Remote Developers are more able to deliver to budget for an entire project than onsite teams. Staff expenses can be avoided for project work, reducing risk and time to market.

As well as a competitive daily rate, invoices at the end of each Sprint. Of course only tested deliverables are included, with Sprint planning for the next Sprint.

Professional pride is at stake – each two-week sprint must deliver results.

A costed budget for an MVP (minimum viable product) is more likely to achieve working software fast. Accurate quoting for an Agile project is not the issue. Working within budget and delivering useful results is the issue.

An expectation of evolution during the journey may mean extra Sprints are required.

Predictable cost. Rapid results that are tested on a Staging Server and Test Driven Development are all parts of a new way to get your software goals achieved within budget.

Motivations and Rewards

Am I the right developer for your project? How can you tell?

As a contract developer, the first question a client asks me is “what is your rate?” If I am the only person available with the skills, my rate should be different than if I am competing for a job. It is like asking “how hungry are you?”

There is a problem with knowing the cost of everything and the value of nothing: how do you know in advance what something should cost? Oh, “The market set the price”, I hear you say. “The market is king!” Really? Do you want to motivate developers toward technical excellence?

A “rate” is not necessarily a “quality differentiator”. One technology could get the job done in one day, another may take a week. Which do you want to pay for? You simply want to buy experience.

Developers may have financial motivations, sure. But is that the primary motivation? Is technical progress not a more powerful motivation? Every developer I have worked with is motivated by technical advances and invention.

Invention. That is what we look for in a developer – have you invented anything? Remote Developers do not need a “rate” – they work to achieve your business goals, take pride in progress and charge a fair fee against a budget. Why? Because we are inventors, not employees. A budget is simply a scope. A scope will creep and efforts to stop clients changing their mind are simply futile.

If you want to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to test your idea on the web, you will want us to work to your budget. You want us to be motivated to get results. To develop using the latest and greatest software methods.

Your budget gives us a scope to explore new technologies or to simply employ what we tried already. Innovation may cost more. Or it may result in a better product that works for you.

It comes down to communication.

You may need to review your budget when your MVP needs to be extended to create a working business proposition.

We believe it is best to mark progress and provide clients with technical proficiency. A budget simply provides predictability

First clients

Remote Development has created new websites for two new clients.  One of these is in collaboration with artist Fiona Scott-Wilson – and the website is an innovative idea. offers her cut-paper “paintings” as posters and prints designed with young children in mind.

Instead of plastic war toys or collecting baseball cards, why not introduce children, from an early age to images that help develop art appreciation as well as stimulating storytelling?   I also see an extension of that logic:  why not invest in collectible art when a child is young, so they can benefit from long-term appreciation?

The entire project took one Sprint to implement using our Remote Development’s Ecommerce package. This may be a good starting point for clients wanting a new website or to extend their sales online.

We also deliver online Full Stack Remote Development Projects. Inquire now to get your project requirement considered – first register at, introduce your business, then select CMS/Ecommerce or a Cloud hosted Development project with some basic details and we will respond with a proposal. It is quick and easy and no obligation to purchase.

Product Guide

Event software

If you need to book an on-Slack support session - you can request a booking to be confirmed here. You must have a current Introductory plan or a Development project ongoing or live.
Appointment Calendar Powered By: AppointZilla

CMS Users

WordPress has a number of plugins for managing events, some of this are not the same as the others!


fooevents – extensive ticket printing and calendar based woo-commerce plugin

cost and budget for implementation £250 – £750


WordPress Event Booking Manager

Free, with Pro upgrade – for ticket selling to events


Appointment management

Testing a plugin – book a session




We are evolving better ways to introduce our abilities to clients, replicating successful software development practices used by major London agencies.  We want to continue to offer remote software services to corporate clients and at the same time build teams of developers who are available to clients and build new web businesses for clients.  Here are recent post updates summarised for a quicker read.

How to: WordPress: Make a post

How to: WordPress: making a new post

New Client Homepage

New Client Homepage

We are considering releasing an update that expands client options to include a range of Introductory options for first timers and ongoing services for existing clients.

We develop software designed by clients and get their hands dirty controlling their web assets.  We integrate e-commerce pages into the site for clients (in sites like this site, a CMS), or advanced framework full stack development to make your web business ideas into online sales pages.

Our home page allows clients who have an (optional) Intro page to expand it with services, or to build their online infrastructure with our help. is a living example of one of our Full Stack projects, it is a full stack Laravel project.  You have to register to use it.  It is free to Register and to use to generate enquiries.  We may have a cost-effective solution to your business problem or be able to take your business to the next step with its use of WordPress.

Clients who register will be given more options to order services or make enquries.

  • Services
  • Hosting
  • Bandwidth
  • Upgrades
  • Development


Order Intro sites

Order CMS sites

SSL services

Domain services


CMS hosting fully supported on proven and established third-party infrastructure

Cloud Hosting fully supported – fast websites, secure environments, easily rebuilt instances if latest Linux software

Data Hosting – large scale data cloud for reasonable rates


CMS: Unlmited (spikes may be looked at or trigger agents to prevent abuse)

Cloud: You are the only person affected by what you do.  The first 500Meg of transfer per month if free, we charge by the Gigabyte.  We try and keep it inexpensive by offering cheap storage for a massive datastore.  Bandwidth is what you serve.  It is more a function of how many users access your content.




Getting on board

Getting started

The first step is to register and then you can access our services immediately.

Once registered as a client you see this screen:

Here is an illustrative example of our user-friendly introduction form so we know the name of your business and whatever you want to tell us about your objectives:

Some clients have to get a website before they want development services, and we can get you setup usually rapidly.  We then provide support services to help make you independently able to extend your business, your art, your creativity on the web medium more easily.  And then leave you to it.  Yes, we can extend support services but each has a term and a desired set of goals.

Corporate Clients often will have a requirement that is more detailed and which is evolving as each Department may have an input.  They may have approached the market and found they either had to build and staff up a team, budgeting up to five or six figures to resource a project. There are usually holes, contractors may simply not be available. Or it is just too great a risk to contemplate starting, yet.

Our services are used by IT departments, Agencies, and IT Managers to keep a project on target.  You want good developers: some of the hard-working skilled contractors who can win in the tough London market now live remotely.  We offer a structure for subcontracting to add effective workers to existing projects as well as assemble teams for whole projects.  You want people who understand what you need and are good at delivering and understanding client requirements.


We offer a structure for developers to join who are skilled in delivering software modules to contribute to a sprint and to win a “fair share” of the fee.  Most of our developers are full-stack so they can claim 100% but some may wish to invite other developers to join in.

We only accept payment claims that meet the high level of performance we expect from developers.  We do not employ developers, they may wish to contribute to a project to develop a relationship with a client. We provide an infrastructure to the client and manage projects.

A combination of old-school fundamentals and state of the art frameworks and online service integration means that Developers can leverage our infrastructure to manage remote work for clients more easily.

Client Homepage

Our client home page provides a quick method to understand services and to send your enquiry. For example, you may initially ask us to build a new website so you can blog about the project. Or you may have a defined project you wish to talk about.

We then respond with a proposal by email. This is not a quote but an estimate of how many 2-week sprint iterations are possibly required to get your project working.   New projects can take the MVP approach – what is the core purpose of your project, and develop that, and extend it with other services, or applications.  That way your existing services continue to work without interruption.

New projects can take the MVP approach – what is the core purpose of your project, and develop that, and extend it with other services, or applications.  That way your existing services continue to work without interruption.

We have looked at your requirement and estimate about how long that may take, and how many developers we need to achieve the results we are proposing.

We send the Client a proposal with two links, one is to place an order on account, and the other is to take advantage of a prepayment discount for the first Sprint and/or a down-payment for new clients.

The Client can now order or inquire about additional projects, collecting estimates to on-ramp projects easily.

When an order is placed, the work is scheduled and one of our team of developers will be in touch to commence the first Sprint. In two weeks, results are published on our Staging Server, ready for Client acceptance.