Selection of the right tools is essential.  Matching skills and tools ensures progress on a project..  Most web software are visual elements that interact with each other and provide clear-cut control of your data.

We use a number of platforms, sometimes in combination, to provide sophisticated hybrid systems that maximize simplicity and security.


We accept developers who use the latest and greatest development tools and can deliver results with their tool sets.  We market and support system development of tools or software suites using this software stack.

If you have these skills you can offer at an hourly rate, join us and provide a profile.  We can then review profiles and talk to you when online work is available for you on projects.


Agency inquiries are welcome.  All you need is remote contracts on offer for which we can provide online development.

Full Stack Development

  • Laravel and VueJS full stack framework
  • PHP and LAMP stack (Linux, Apache/Nginx, Mysql, PHP)
  • MEAN full stack framework (Mongo, Express, Angular/2, NodeJS)
  • Databases including MySQL,  PostgreSQL or MongoDB.

Content Management

  • WordPress
  • Customized WordPress development


  • Advanced Cloud Linux servers
  • High Speed shared hosting
  • Remote network/database scaling using load balanced servers

Case Study 1

A company offers an online business requiring clients to phone in.  A client journey is defined.   From the pages or stages a client views, but does not pursue, an email is generated to recover the sales path, sending special offer links.  This requires a full stack system that observes behaviour and responds according to a rules engine.

Case Study 2

An artist sells products that a provider provides in bulk.  We make new products and methods of market research (A-B testing pages) that report on client interest so that marketing campaigns are correctly targetted.