Full site implementation – including design (incorporating graphics supplied), mobile responsive, contact form, menu method, programming, page design, hosting and SEO. Secret Cabaret Live is the return of Simon Drake Illusionist with his live show to London.

Full site optimisation – this is the report from GTMetrix

First clients

Remote Development has created new websites for two new clients.  One of these is in collaboration with artist Fiona Scott-Wilson – and the website is an innovative idea.  Art4Kids.gallery offers her cut-paper “paintings” as posters and prints designed with young children in mind.

Instead of plastic war toys or collecting baseball cards, why not introduce children, from an early age to images that help develop art appreciation as well as stimulating storytelling?   I also see an extension of that logic:  why not invest in collectible art when a child is young, so they can benefit from long-term appreciation?

The entire project took one Sprint to implement using our Remote Development’s Ecommerce package. This may be a good starting point for clients wanting a new website or to extend their sales online.

We also deliver online Full Stack Remote Development Projects. Inquire now to get your project requirement considered – first register at https://live.remotedevelopment.co.uk/register, introduce your business, then select CMS/Ecommerce or a Cloud hosted Development project with some basic details and we will respond with a proposal. It is quick and easy and no obligation to purchase.

Product Guide

Contracting example: tescomobile

Nicholas Alexander worked for three consecutive contract terms with Essence Digital in a team of Zend Angular WordPress and SCSS developers.

The site we worked on involved creating Angular rendered components managed by WordPress and connected via an API layer.

These examples include the skills of a team. There is no reason your site could not be this professional.

Ecommerce success

Woocommerce running on SSL site in a few hours

Yesterday, my artist and partner had a really good idea. It involved an online gallery and new works on the celebration of new life in her family. The website is an e-commerce site, and as ever, I was ready to roll my sleeves up.

I installed WordPress on a Cloud server for the best CMS experience and fluidity (with the right plugins WordPress is a fast way to get a website running). The Cloud version is slightly more difficult to setup than via a shared hosting environment: but once you have it right, then it is “process”. Programmers love “process”.

A working e-commerce shop advertising and selling a sample set of goods that can be paid for online, quickly and safely was the goal. The basic problem of business is the selling of goods and services.

We wanted a gallery and for it to work with all ecommerce features – so set it up with Woocommerce using their template as a base and it will be published real soon now. Watch this space, it is called the the Art4Kids Gallery.

This story is very similar to how our Initial Website Offer was thought about.

Site profile: Software Antelope

Before Remote Development I created this interface using html, css, d3js, and boostrap for the company that owns Remote Development, Software Antelope Ltd. (I made the software and then was hired as an onsite contractor spending 25% over-time travelling to and from work). Remote Development is a new iteration of the same project – completely new software and brand.