SPA version of Remote Development

The SPA version of Remote Development shall be the website that this CMS site augments.

Its functions are to sell the concept of remote development as directly as possible and then to present three CTAs:

  • Online Application
  • Manage your own content
  • Sell products and services online

No complexity, no verbiage, no rubbish.  Just sell.


As a VueJS SPA, it is built of components.  These may include any or some of the following:

  • Page zones
    • Header
    • Footer
    • column
  • Containers
    • Introbox
    • panel
    • panel2
    • double panel
  • Functional
    • Menu
    • CTA button
    • Select list
    • Dropdown
    • Action link
  • Decoration
    • Line
    • Colour block
  • Media
    • Image
    • Video

Components need to fit together.  Along panels or held by magnets, or have a tendancy to be on one side, or the top or bottom of a “page”.

A page is a collection of components that scrolls into the view.  components comprise the page.

components do not scroll within a page

components have the following props:

  • width
  • max width
  • height
  • max height
  • background





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