Improving client route

We seem to spend more time under the bonnet than we should but the admin system of must be able to manage the data structures created by new or existing clients.

Now we have to improve the client interface.    It is not bad. But it needs to work and at the moment it is a bit like a structure or foundation rather than being the journey it needs to be.

It is already a series of Vue Components and now here is the beauty of Vue.  To replace them all I need to know is what parameter is being passed in.  Most of these screens do not need to know much – they are more to do with the story they tell.  How to advance from one idea to the next – are they correlated in a way people understand or that only someone who works with Data Logic will follow.

One of the strange reasons I stayed with Windows so long is that I could not work out immediately and instinctively how to drive a Mac.  What an admission, I know.  But I find this quite often – with correctly thought out designs that people get, sometimes I find that just as confusing as I realise they may find my marketing based screens.  I think I have overbaked it and without looking it – well I asked my favourite artist for her opinion and she said something that echoes through time “Make it simple.”

The only superior datum there is is indeed a contraction of it itself (see what I mean, more simply put: The only thing more important are the first two words) make it.

It figures that the programming mind and the visual mind may use similar muscles. It is what makes “Full-Stack” development more difficult but effective sometimes at growing according to a vision.

Sales should encourage and open dialogue between client and worker.  The data worker is best served with concise information.  This comes from written text.  It only comes to light after verbal discussion.  We use presentions, diagrams and use-cases to ensure we understand a requirement but the only thing that is subjective is the user interface.  We want to agree on the back-end and that also has to be flexible as new ideas arise.

This is getting too long.  Typical.  Maybe should be programming.  To be continued…


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