Advantages for Clients and Agencies

There is great future for Remote Development. We understand there must be advantages for clients: less cost, more work, more accountability, less investment. More time. Less expense.

Agencies can get in on the ground floor of what is obviously the future. We can defeat the evils of a lack of talented developers in the market and the solve the problem addressed by IR35 (an independent business being treated as an employee).

Remote Developers are more able to deliver to budget for an entire project than onsite teams. Staff expenses can be avoided for project work, reducing risk and time to market.

As well as a competitive daily rate, invoices at the end of each Sprint. Of course only tested deliverables are included, with Sprint planning for the next Sprint.

Professional pride is at stake – each two-week sprint must deliver results.

A costed budget for an MVP (minimum viable product) is more likely to achieve working software fast. Accurate quoting for an Agile project is not the issue. Working within budget and delivering useful results is the issue.

An expectation of evolution during the journey may mean extra Sprints are required.

Predictable cost. Rapid results that are tested on a Staging Server and Test Driven Development are all parts of a new way to get your software goals achieved within budget.

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